A 1,000 bottles not beer on the wall:

They seem to just appear after each quest I do I have acquired a 1,000 bottles, not beer on the wall, yes a 1,000 bottles not , beer on the wall, a 1,000 bottles of potions. Where have they come from. I only made up a few potions early on but I must have something that is giving tons of these bottles of potions, and I mean powerful potions, not weal ones good ones….Boy, if this is a complaint I am grateful because all those bottles come in handy…stop by my house in Riften at the Honyside tons of potion bottles for sale.


OK, enough joking around really where are they coming from, I pick up some, made some, but my potion inventory becomes full after I return to Riften. I usually only go out with a few bottles of health, may be a poison, lock picking, and a few bottles of magica maybe 5-8 in all. But when I get back, boy I am full with at least 20 bottles I didn’t even pick up hum…game glitch ? Or do I have something that gives me gifts in potions. (?)


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Are you just hitting take all with out really thinking about it? Some do. If so that's where they are coming from and the higher your level the better the potions. I have to really resist taking everything in sight and it's still hard not to get overloaded with really good potions and ebony armor/weapons.

I had gathered and created probably 200 bottles before I realized how much weight they were....usually about .5 lbs, which is a PRETTY HEAVY BOTTLE, and so I was carrying around about 100 lbs of potions.  I finally dumped them all into a tiny magical drawer (that now holds about 1000 potions) and now I only carry the ones I use the most - invisibility, one-handed, fortify light armor, and poison.