9th barn find

when my popularity was at 1, i found as i was playing the green bar kept going even though i was at 1 popularity when i got all the bar filled up it reset itself then i got told about the barn find plus i got 500K CR


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Holy run-on sentence, Batman!

OP - By chance, did you play online just before that last barn find popped up? I've seen a bunch of reports about the last barn find not popping - and they all seemed to be from players that had not played online yet. Once those players returned to single player after playing a bit online - the barn finds usually showed up.

I'm not 100% positive but I think that playing a few games online has something to do with that last barn find popping in the game.

@crunchy...in my experience, online has nothing to do with it.  I found all of the barn finds and finished the game 100% before ever going online.  (Online multiplayer, that is...technically, I was *always* online, as in always being connected to Xbox Live while playing.)

yeah im still trying to get 1 rank filled up and hopefully it will unlock my last barn find

well i was rank 1 and i went around a whole another time and still no barn find but i did score a nice 257,000 combo i beat the game gold wristband 100%  time driven 21 hours pr stunts 30/30 10/10 horizon outposts 9/9 speed zones 22/22 speed traps 216/216 roads driven 86/100 discount signs and still 8/9 barn finds i tryed online free roam and still closed my online level is 22 maybe it unlocks after 24 hours driven who knows guess will have to play some more to find out