$99 Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel


Thrustmaster recently announced that they are going to start producing a lower cost ($99) racing wheel for Xbox One. It's described as having a "Wheel base featuring the ‘Bungee Cord’ mechanism, offering linear resistance".

I'm not sure what kind of quality or feedback this "bungee cord" mechanism is going to provide - but for anyone looking for a lower cost wheel there is finally an option available for Xbox One.


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What I want to know is there a pluggin for a chat headset on the wheel?.

I do miss having a wheel. I used a wheel in FM1, FM2, FM3 and FM4. While I'm ok with a controller I can't even come close to what I could do with a wheel both in terms of consistent control and lap times. For me, having a wheel allowed me to make very minute manipulations and to hold lines much, much more smoothly. With a controller you simply can't do that. Well, at least I can't do that with a controller.

Maybe if I had a wheel I'd bother with hot lapping. As it stands now, since I'm relegated to a controller, I don't. Any lap times I have are a direct result of career races while AI cars are on the track.

I've already bought  3 MS wheels for the 360 that worked okay after I installed bearings in them.

Plus I bought a high end wheel from Fanatec wheel and CSP to mount on my $300.00 Playseat cockpit.

I'm not interested in investing any more money since they only support add-ons for the short term and expect everyone else to lemming along with them.

Go pound sand.

I saw where they had this listed on the GameStop website for pre order but it does not say whether or not it has a way to plug my Turtle Beach headset into it.  I have never owned one of these racing wheels before but would like confirmation on that before I possibly make the purchase.

It probably does, Hornet. The older Microsoft wireless racing wheel did. Even if it doesn't, a wheel takes a racing sim like Forza to an entirely new level. If you can find a low chair that seats you similar to how you would be seated in a car then it's very simple to make a racing wheel stand. I bought a nice little leather chair several years ago for FM2 and made a decent little racing wheel stand for next to no money. I came up with a very simple, cheap and useful design that anyone could build. When I need it I can pick it up and place it in front of the chair and when I don't, I take it out to my garage so it keeps the wife happy.

I wouldn't count on this wheel having a mic input port. There is nothing in the description on Thrustmaster's site that indicates this wheel has that. That's not unexpected since the flagship wheel for Xbox One, the Thrustmaster TX, also does not have a mic input port.

You should note, however, that they did recently release an update that allows a single player to use a controller and wheel simultaneously. This allows a player to use a mic through the controller while controlling the car in the game with the steering wheel and pedals.

Some of the things with the Xbox One seem like a significant step backwards.

It certainly seems like that sometimes.

Thrustmaster stated that you have to use a headset being hooked up to a regular controller.  Also, based on how I have been reading that these things have been bricking right out of the box with the $399 model I am going to save my money.  I can play with a controller just fine was just trying to try one of the wheels out as I have never had one.

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