99% map discovered.... Rage?

Yes, it is quiet annoying.

Is there a better way to find out where that last unexplored is located?
For example, the starting age (03 AF), I have 98%, but there are no place that shows as undiscovered. It is frustrating.


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some spots require a gravity jump (an ability you get later on) or a chocobo, or going to another time in that area, for example, if you are in 200af in 1 area, and cant 100% the map, wait until the unlock the right time for that specific area, which is basically the same level with different quests/areas unlocked. most areas have like 3-4 different versions.

When you look on the map just look closely for a black spot.

It's the porch of the house, check the left and right side.

For New Bodhum 003AF...go through the house very carefully. (I know this because I missed a well hidden closet and wondered why I was missing 1% of the map)

some maps you cant get 100% unless you unlock all time versions( bersha ruins, sunlethwater scape,acidemia, oerba,yaschas massif, viod beyond augusta tower (hidden 13th floor )

and to get 100% on steppe you need to unlock the chocobo to to get to were yomi wich is only possible if you fly up there