99% Club. Read if you're planning on 100% completion.

Anyone else have everything except relic 1? if you plan on getting 100% completion then remember to get the relic in the cave under the doctors house because at a certain point in the game you can't go back there. I spend a couple hours collecting all of them before knowing this.


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Thanks, this is good to know.

well *** , guess I wont worry about 100% then, tnx for the heads up man I would have had a fit if that was the last one and like you it is too late for me as well, peace.

good thing i got it the first time i went there.

I got this one by accident. I took one of those Red Pills by the camp fire and woke up in some strange part of the cave. I  decided to explore from there.... and found a relic.

Thanks for the heads up.

Seems like they should patch that.