I'm at 98.33% and have done everything that I can think of, can somebody tell me what I could be missing??? I've done 5 helitours can't seem to get the last one on the landing pad that goes to the left of the entrance to the tours, not sure if maybe that's what I'm missing


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If you didn't do one of the tours then that's definitely part of it. I don't think those count for that much though, so you're probably missing something else too. I'd keep trying for that last tour and if that doesn't turn out to be the last thing then I'm sure you could use google to find some checklists.

Check online to see if you did get all the Helitour tours.

Also a pain in the *** is some of the Races are hard to get, (as you get called to ones you have already done sometimes not getting one you haven't, also talk to all the random people on the side of the road)

Hope you figured it out, best thing to do if your crazy enough and willing to put the time, is find a guide and make a new game and keep a list to track what you have done.

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Yea, the Helitours or the Races as I No Way I mentioned could be it. Good luck.