930/1000 CLUB

This is for the many gamers who've completed this game 100% but were cheated out of the Minikit Achievement, which to my knowledge, Traveller's Tales have done nothing about repairing, great game and will continue to play in the hopes that the glitched achievement will one day pop...:-)  Signed...


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i got them all no problems,which are you missing?

It's a well known glitch on the minikit achievement, it pops for some and not for others.  How is it I have the achievement for 100% but not for all minikits collected?  Funny thing is, for some it pops BEFORE they even get them all!  It's no biggy, it's not like it's the first time a game has a glitched achievement...:-)

I completed the game but did not get the achivements for completing the blattle of geonosis and the lair of grievous! ahh!


Only 2 achivements left I got the achivement for all mini kits when I still had few to go same thing happend with the republic missions I still ahd several to do left but got the achivement early was so weird. I still ahd to do them for the gold bricks though.

I tried to go back redo the levels with no red bricks but still no achivements yet! ahh!!!!!

I got all of the Achievements when I should have..seem I may have been fortunate

Hope this doesn't happen to me.

Hello I just completed the game 100% so disappointing not receiving the minikit points no way to go back and get them if you already have them all stuck at 930 tragic

I also have not gotten the Minikit achievement! I have all the Minikits but no achievement

You might want to try this. I deleted all saved data on my hard drive from this game and started a new game. Then the achievement unlocked when i collected all mini kits! Very time consuming but worth it if you want this achievement!

Well, almost two years later and I went for another run while thankfully the achievement popped, not sure what I did any different than the first time but it unlocked when it should've.  So much time had passed since I last played it which made it fun and not seem like such a chore...:-)

Did you guys buy all the ground vehicles on the CIS side ? because I know how you guys feel.