5 second review: PURCHASE, NOT RENTAL

Game remains fun on subsequent replays if you happen to like the Diablo style "farming for a better shotgun" game.


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yes the game is one to own since you really could not fully play all of it if you rented it.

Like the OP mentioned, If you are into getting stronger weapons and accessories, then Borderland is suitable for you. Else the game get repetitive and stale fast.

Infinite replay value. Guns & loot aplenty. Awesome monster sprites/graphics. Sweet elemental artifacts.

I know BL is one game I'll never sell.  I got it right after it came out and have enjoyed it since then.

Just be sure you take Mord or Lilith - I played about 2/3 fo the game using The Solder/Roland, and ithe last 1/3 was MUCH, MUCH harder than with Mord or Lil. Some early bosses are easier with the Turret, but  you will be pulling your hair out at the end.