5 kills - 17 deaths - 2nd place overall

I proved a theory to myself while playing a game in beta last weekend.  I went 5 kills, 17 deaths, and yet ended up 2nd overall in points.  I did this by helping out my team using my kits specailty rather than going for kills.


I was worried, always seeing the top scoring player also having a good k/d ratio and wanted to find out if I could get to the top by supporting instead of killing. 


The medkit/defib were always my favorite in BC2, so was support. So, with a combination of medic kit, defibs, and ammo boxes I was able to get to 2nd place overall on my first try, just by being diligent in my supportive role.  Not only was it easier than I expected, it was a ton of fun.  I think a lot of people are just afraid to try the supportive role.


I encourge more to try this when the game is goes retail.  I feel confident that the general bf3 players playstyle will move more towards objective/team support than just k/d.


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I agree, I got a crap-ton of points using the med kit/defib. Instead of Rambo'ing on the enemy, I rambo'ed on over to dead bodies and did some reviving... among other things...

Yea, I applaud Dice for keeping this system in the game. I can go 20-5 and still end up lower than the 5-17 teamplayer. And as much as many people here will hate to hear it, its a good change in MW3 that they now have points toward streaks coming from being a team player. Lets hope its balanced as it is in BF

at first i wasnt too excited bout the lmg class getting the ammo box but i ended up maxing out that class in the beta

i try to kill as much as i die.

beyond that, i love being supportive..

PTFO all the way (Play the F****ing Objective) as been my clan tag for years. PTFO mean do what the OP is talking about.

Medic kit is still overpowered for point ho's... just sayin...