4GC Clan Recruiting- Males and Females

We are a new clan for mature guys and girls (30+) who play FPS games like BFBC2, MW2 and Black Ops. Members can be in their twenties if they have a mature attitude. We will welcome casual gamers and those who want to play more competitively. A clan where ideas can be exchanged and friendships formed. We have a good base of PS3 and XBOX players and have just launched a new subdivision for Ladies ~ UK, Euro, Canada and US players ~





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looking for females to join the clan to create a subdivision  :-)

We are still looking for some more members. Check out 4gclan.forumotion.co.uk

for more information. Stop and stay awhile and take a look around.

If you are over 30, and looking for people just like you...into gaming, but have a life, family, and job... check out our website and if you like what you read, become part of our family!


Why I love my clan... this almost sounds like a poem. LOL

Seriously though, I love that females are more than welcome and encouraged to play. I love playing with all levels and this clan has it. We have some pretty strong female players and it is always good conversation. I am so thankful to gaming with males who respect me and no more disrespect in the pre lobby games. Not sure about you, but I absolutely hate that. :thumbsdown:

This clan really has it all and has something for everyone. Check out the website and take a look around and see for yourself.

see you on the battlefield and hopefully as an ally

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Still recruiting....

will you take a mature 16 year old....?

The clan is intended for 30 and older. If you are interested in joining a clan, I can ask the admins and see if there is one they are aware of to suggest for you. You should join a clan, they are great fun

US / Canada - UK / EU - XBOX and PS3

mid twenties upwards with good attitude.

Heres another video showing some of our stars in action:


A great bunch of members already, always willing to help with advice on playing (TDM, S&D, DOM, DEM ...), capturing and making videos, headset reviews - and so on.

Still recruiting, the xbox division is growing quickly., Would love to have some female players as well.

hey this is prettycountry just join xbox bout a week ago and looking for black ops and modern warfare clan buddies for now until i get more games also have black ops on ps3. i am in my late 20's bout to be the big 28 in a another month.

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