48 Hour Xbox live Code's and Online play

Is there a difference between a 48 hour pass code and a 48 hour gold pass? Trying to play Modern warfare 3 online split screen but it wont let my buddy log in as a guest.  Please advise thank you.


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48 Hour Trial Cards are not Gold. They are only a Trial for the 48 Hours. You will not have all Gold Access. It will vary Game to Game.

So what im really wondering is if a 48 gold code will allow me to Split screen with a buddy on Modern warfare three or Black ops. Dont feel like spending ten bucks just to play for two days.... :(

i think you can, however you cant be in party chat.

well for one thing you don't pay for 48hour codes

if you are buying them for 10bucks you shouldn't buy them membership is 10dollars monthly or 5 dollars a month for 1 year membership


im need a xbox 48 hours card

[quote user="Ibooy143"]

im need a xbox 48 hours card

[/quote]Just an fyi, you cannot ask for them on the Forums. What happened to the ones that came with your Games?

Do you still get 48 hour trials?

Yeah, I got one in a recent purchase. I think it was ME 3. I'll probably use it before I Purchase the next deal.