4/14/13 Servers down?

Anyone else unable to connect to the servers?  I am unable to find anything online about it.  As of 5:00pm CST 4/14.


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and they're back...

Earlier today, the game tried to tell me that I was a lvl. 1 (I'm supposed to be a lvl. 58) and that I had no custom classes or anything else other than the default armor set. I could press start and see all of this, but nowhere else. Even my friends who played with me could see the difference: "Dude, did you get de-ranked!?" This problem persisted even throughout a few matches that I played. I then decided to go to Xbox Home and then back into the game to see if this would fix the problem - it did. I started up another match and 1/2 way through, everything reverted back to lvl. 1 again! Half-way through the match! What kind of BS is that!? I haven't gotten back on since... Does anyone know why this happened or if it's related to the Xbox Live issues lately?

It is xboxlive. Xboxlive was having major issues Saturday and still having some issues on Sunday.  Please save this link to your favorites so you will always know if the issue you are having is xboxlive.  support.xbox.com/.../xbox-live-status

I even have that link saved on my phone for instant access. That's how I knew right away that the problems on Saturday were because of xboxlive...

I already knew about the link, but thanks anyways... ;)