4000+ point UK/European team looking for any number of players. Join us. Help Lead us.


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My gamertag is Sirpompous, and my teammates gamertags are WikingwarriorDK and DLND. We play anywhere in the team apart from GK and require any number of players for any position who can join our team. Please message DLND, WikingWarriorDK or me, SirPompous, to request to join our team. We don't care if you are from the USA, Europe, or UK, we would prefer though, that you can play onwards of 7pm UK time, until about 12am. We play randomly between those times. If you are a good striker, who can score goals by yourself, or a defender, RB, or CB, etc, who can defend, or an all rounder, who can play midfield, or whatever, please message one of us. We would fer that you have a VP of over 80. We are looking for leaders who know their football, who can talk about football, we are not always on xbox live party or mic, but we do talk in lobby between games, if you have no club, and are looking to get to know a few European/UK guys who enjoy football, please message us. USA etc players are also welcomed, as long as you can play after 7pm-midnight UK/European time.

We would love a GK, some defenders, some midm ,and soime strikers.

As I said, we already have 4000 points so are in the top 7000 in the World.

DLND, WikingWarriorDK, and me SirPompous, are the ones to contact.


im a mid  that lives in US need some help improving but  im a good team player just send me invite

send me invite please looking for club