40% bonus with any pre-order @BestBuy

BestBuy is offering the following in-store promotion:
40% Bonus with any Pre-order
Get a 40% extra trade-in credit when you pre-order any game Offer expires 10/01/2011

I'm trading in GTA4, Black Ops, Reflex, COD:WAW, BF:Bad Company and NBA2k11. My total came out to $75.60 (with the promotion). More than enough to get Skyrim.

It's a pretty rough economy just trying to help people who are kinda tight on money like me.

Source: http://www.bestbuytradein.com/bb/QuoteCalculatorVideoGames.cfm# (Click on "show promotions available in stores only" in top right corner).



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thanks, but the games i would've gotten rid of aren't worth getting rid of, not that i would actually get rid of them.

You still have time if you go to gamestop and just put like 20 buck every two weeks, maybe less.

Lol, they always offer a bonus close to the release dates lol. What about those who already purchased the full copy back in March! lol....

I just got mine last week. I was looking around for where I could get it fast, but for cheap.  Amazon is doing Release Day Arrival for 99 cents.   So I got it from there. I may even get it early! That would be sweet.

I would get $17.60 less if I traded in with Amazon. That's not acceptable to me. However, 'that Release Day Arrival' sounds very appealing. If my BestBuy wasn't only 10 minutes away, I may actually consider.

I usually use amazon's .99 release day price. But I'm either going to get Skyrim at a midnight launch or get lucky and find a mom & pop that doesn't adhere to street dates.

Don't get mad when you see Skyrim on my card a week early!

I wish Amazon.ca did same day delivery.....

forgot that Amazon does offer $10 gift certificate with skyrim preorders. So I would actually be getting about $7.60 less. not including the shipping and handling I would have to pay. Still though.

i need to beat bad company asap and then preorder.

The nearest Gamestop or Bust Buy is 45 minutes away. And the mail truck gets here at about noon. I get home from school at 3:45. So I will come home, get the mail, rip it from it shipping, stand and stare for an hour, and start to install it to my HD while I go and do my chores.  Then I will get back, it will be done, and I don't have to worry about the disk scratching or anything.

45 min.? geesh... you must stay in the boondocks

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