4 years of have SOTN. I finally got the bloodline achievement.

It took some time. But I finally did it.


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That's quite an easy achievement.


Seeker was more difficult I thought.

Whats your address? I'll mail you a cookie.

Elite you have to beat the frist part of the game. the bloodlines levle without geting hit.

A level without getting hit? Sounds easy enough, though I haven't played the game.


Is getting an Achievement really worthy of a whole thread, by the way?

Yes, I know what the achievement is.  And it is easy.  It is literally one of the easiest achievements I've gotten and takes less than a minute.



I mean the figger out part. I found a secert area before you battle him.  I prob.ly frist thought it goes to another boss battle. But it didn't when I tryed tonight.  Sometime elite it take poeple long time to figger it out. Like me it took embrassion 4 years to get it.

And one more thing. I got it in the way video showing.  When i frist played it. i didn't know secert area is for hearts. But i do now.  I wish I have knew this trick and area back in 2008.