4-player co-op

Good Morning, Afternoon, and Evening wherever your reading this at, i'm looking for players to start a 4 player co-op with to get the challenges in and have all around fun and talk with. I'm gonna be hosting the lobby and I would like anyone who wants to join my lobby to make a new character and must follow these rules:

If you pick up any weapon or armor that your character cant use, give or trade that item to the other player that can use it.

Every players character can't be the same as the other players

You can't use any items that's in the stash

If anyone picks a fight with another player, settle your differences in a duel

Do NOT steal any of your fallen comrades weapons and goods

Your new character will be co-op only.

That's all the rules I have for ya, I'm gonna be the Demon Hunter in this co-op, so I need another long range attacker and 2 close range attackers to blaze through it quicker. Message me if your wanna join and what character you'll be using, have a wonderful morning, afternoon, or night. 


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Hello just got the game i have not started it up i have never played it before complete noob entirely :P

Never played D1 or D2 tho from what i understand they all different. However i am willing to play the game with a team and more than willing to follow the rules :D

So if you don't mind walking this noob through the game you can count me in send a Friend request.

I will use a Wizard so long range for me i guess.