4 Physical Challenges Left - Need Help

I have four Physical Challenges left in the riddler tab in the menu.

1. Aerial Attack off a stunnd enemy into another - How do I do this? I use the Aerial Attack (B > A A) but then nothing happens, what am I doing wrong?

2. Take out 2 enemies at once with the Glide Boost Attack - This frustrates me, I can't find or lure two enemies to the same spot. Any tricks how to get this?

3. Hit an explosive object with a Batarang before it is thrown - Does this mean like when a thug throws a grenade at you, or when they pick up a gas tank and throws it at you in combat?

4. Perform a Special Combo Whiplash and a Special Combo Whip Trip in one combo flow - When I'm in combat with Catwoman, the game tells me to use the A+X move, but never the A+B move, what am I doing wrong here?

Help would be much appreciated!


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there is probably a few videos on youtube for these by now.

1-the aerial attack you press baa then x towards another goon could take a few tries but not to hard (must do 3x)

2-not got this 1 sorry

3- when some1 picks up a gas canister in a fight use quick batarang on them before the throw it,(quickly tap LT)

4-u can pull off any special combo does'nt have to say it on screen so do 5 hits then A+X then another 5 hits then A+B


just got all 440,at last,can`t believe it was only worth 10G.

no-2 the glide boost attack,try it on enemies that are guarding a door as they always stand together,try the steel mill.

you have to press the R2 button to fill the yellow bat meter and pressing the B button on landing can`t hurt either.

no-4 i used the press b,beat down to get your combo up then a-x,then repeat the beat down again and then a-b.

this was the last one i needed and it took a lot of attempts as i kept killing them before finishing the moves.

got no 2- outside courthouse

u only need catwomens 40 riddles to get the 10g theres no achievement for getting all 440 unless u count that it gives u the riddlers hideouts which are worth a few g when u add them up

I got 2 physical challenges - finish a fight with batarang Combo, is this just a QF batarang or what? no hijacking post just asking.

everyone already amswered the original question. outside museum is best place for catwoman to do her 2 special combos and also for the glide boost, i did both there.

[quote user="Dawued"] finish a fight with batarang Combo, [/quote]

you won`t believe how easy that one is.

just find any guy on his own and quickfire 3 baterangs at him,you can even sneak right up to him and do it.

if you can`t find one on his own just fight a crowd them when you have one guy left just quick fire batarangs at him till he`s down.

really...? i thought it was more complex than that. I thought you would have to time it so insted of a critical stike you would have to finish with a batarng...wow. thnx Fist!