4 Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Ultimate character vids.


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did anyone watch the frank west and rocket raccon trailers yet they are awesome

Nemesis is a nice addition. I was always hoping they would do the Tyrant from RE but this works.

Sad to Gambit not making a return but good to see new charcters for a change.

I really needto get back into MvC 3. The game is really cool , i jjust never had the time to get good at it. plus especially with all the other games im playing.And im still playing all the street fighters and the new MK.

I cant wait to play with Strider, although I'm trash at MvC3 it could be motivation to get better.

Mortal Kombat KILLS this game in every way......I'm out

i want x in umvc3

or axl

Sorry about the double post but found this on the same website ....

Capcom has confirmed the following characters:



Ghost Rider


Unhappy with this partial list, NeoGAF's internet-detectives poked around on Capcom's site a bit and claim to have uncovered the rest of the games playable characters.

Unconfirmed characters from Marvel:

Iron Fist

Dr. Strange


Rocket Raccoon

Unconfirmed characters from Capcom:

Vergil (Devil May Cry)

Nemesis (Resident Evil 3)

Phoenix Wright

Frank West (Dead Rising)

. What do you think of the entire 12 character roster? Which fighter are you most excited about?

They are what seems to be uncomfirmed but there lol

Yes yes and yes I'm so glad I havent traded this in !