4 improvements that gta needs..(that ive never heard)

rt off 4 simple things..... 1. On the older games it would show u what road u were on.( helped with memorizing the map) so tell us what street we turn on. 2. Every safe hose or house/property u own (kinda like tlad) should have a pool table and a few other side games in each one.. ubless u start off not as wealthyl but later on def. have it.                    3. have pedestrians steal cars more and run away.....have citizans driving there own car drive fast sometimeso lets u try and race them chase them down. jus adds to the game..                           and 4. i cant remember what 4 was but im sure it was good lol.....


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I was hoping to see the peds riot cheat...i had such a blast with that in gta3 and in VC