4 Hours of cutscenes



So thats about 4x the amount of cutscenes that re5 had


theyve also posted new screenshots of the mercenaries mode and of the part of the campaign that swithches to 4 player coop also shows some info about the zombies that havent been released such as tht chris can throw zombies at other zombies and that the virus doesnt only revive the recently deceased.






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Did you enjoy the demo? Didn't get to play it myself (my TV died).


I'm pretty much determined to buy this game no matter what, despite Capcoms apparent efforts to throw people off this game.

It'll be good for some co-op atleast.

i did enjoy enjoy the demo alot but theres was a couple of camera problems besides that i thought it was truy fantastic and it makes the wait feel quite long cuz the demo is short and cuts out right when it gets really good. (especially in leons campaign)

If you liked re4 & 5 you'll defianately like this one as well.

Awesome. I've liked the cutscenes of RE games so far.

Sounds pretty awesome so far. Can't wait for the demo to go public.