3rd-Year Fantasy Franchise seeking more - Play every night!

Our franchise is in it's third season and we're looking for just a few more people to play. The franchise will continue until it has run its entire course. Everyone in the league plays a game a night, sometimes more as I'll advance as soon as I see everyone has finished their game. We're mostly older players who commonly party up and are seeking the same. If you meet the rules below and would like to join, please contact me on XBL. GT = The 0nly Doctor (The 0 in 0nly is a zero). We can discuss which team you'd like and I'll be able to let you know in advance which players they have. I'll also open up CPU trades for one week for new players, to help even out teams.

  • Game Settings: All-Pro Difficulty, 5-Minute Quarters, Trades On (No CPU), Injuries On, No Clock Runoff
  • You must play at least one game by midnight EST every day. I advance then if I haven't already that day, no exceptions. If you can't play your game and have to sim it, please let me know in advance so I'm not waiting around on you until the last minute.
  • Play with sportsmanship. No going for it on your side of the field on 4th and long before the half. No kneeling the entire 2nd half to seal a game. No 'nano blitzing'. If you wouldn't see it during a real NFL game, don't do it. Use your best judgment. This is important, because you'll be talking and playing with the people here for a long time to come, so play fair.
  • Everyone that has joined is in it for the long term. We're playing through as far as we can go. I ask that you join with the intention of playing your team for multiple years.

We have a good mix of skill level in our players. Anyone mature and able to play their games every night is invited to join. All you have to do is be dedicated to competing and building up your team each year.


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  • No quitting. It's understandable to have a restart or two once in a while due to the servers going down, an XBox freeze or family emergency. But if I think you're doing it to avoid loses or boost your players' stats, I'll boot people from the franchise for it.