3D Sterescopic/Passive?

Hey Guys,

Does Black Ops provide video feedback in only Stereoscopic mode and not Passive?  There's no setting right to switch between the two...I have an LG Cinema which uses Passive and the game in 3D shows two vertical images...just making sure I'm not missing a setting or something to go to Passive.  Thanks


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Good question, but I dont have a 3D TV so I cant help you. Bump for you though.


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1. Go to system settings on xbox. 2. Console settings 3. Display- 3d- enable 3d 4. Load game 5. Options at main menu 6. Enable stereoscopic 3d 7. Press 3d button on tv controller and choose side-by-side format 8. ???? 9. Profit Some things will be distorted, like the notifications when your friends log in. I have an LG cinema 3d also. I swear my accuracy has increased because of actual depth perception. It takes a few minutes for your eyes to fully adjust, and some of the guns have scopes that just will not focus properly.

I don't have that option on my xbox.  I have the very first gen xbox - no hdmi output...could that be why?

My buddy has the newest model, but he too doesn't have that option.  I didn't ask if he was using hdmi though.  Thanks for your reply and help on this.

All 3d on the Xbox is HDMI dependant. You must connect your tv with HDMI for the 3d to work or work properly. This is the only way the TV and Xbox can communicate and process the 3d. Inficolors anagragh 3d glasses are probably the only exception, and they even recommend using HDMI (allows 3d on 2d televisions).