3d option for "side by side" is not available on my Sony Bravia for GOW3

To play this game in 3d it has an option to hit Y then it sets the game "side by side".  If I am playing on the 360 my tv does not have the "side by side" option.  Anyone with a Sony Bravia figure out how to get this game to work in 3d??     The only option I can get to work is the "Simulate 2d to 3d" option. Which looks ok but I know it can look much better. 


The side by side option is available on the PS3 but I cant get it to work on the 360.  Tried it with Crysis 1 on the 360 and GOW3 on the 360.


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Had some help from the tech section but I got it working!!   Looks amazing in true 3d!!!


1. It must be in HDMI not Component.

2. I bypassed my HDMI switch.  


After I did these 2 things my hdtv recognizes the 360 as a 3d device and I was able to set the 3d settings to "Side by side" on the tv and in game.

Glad you got it going yeah dose look good in 3D - was going to ask if you had plugged up via HDMI due to bandwidth of 3D Component dosn't quite cut it.

I spent 11 straight hours on Saturday playing GOW3 in 3d.  A mix of everything. The campaign, horde mode, and beast mode.  I just cant believe how incredible the 3d looks in this game!!!   Its easily THE best looking game I have played in 3d.