3d map?

Has someone created a 3d map somewhere online?  Its crazy how well every area is interconnected, so I think it would be amazing if you could observe the map as a 3d object that you could rotate, zoom in, and observe with.  Someone should make one of these....the 2d maps in my crappy stradegy guide just arnt cutting it.


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I hear you, a 3d map would come in handy with alot of things. Hopefully someone comes around to making it

Yea it would be cool even if it wasnt precise, but just a basic and simple layout.  Just to get an idea where everything is in relation to one another.

this is the only thing I could find.


Not a 3d model, but that is a pretty sweet map though....

this is one of the most beautyful constructed city in games i ever see. just the intro when  the land was not dark you see all the beautyful and bright Kindom. i would like namco do a prequel game before demons souls when you have to ride  across all this kindom and land. before the darkness invade the land.


I was looking for some maps, and I managed to stumble across this site. If it helps anybody, sweet. If not, well I tried.