'kicked from games!'

My 9 yr old son has several friends on xbox live who he plays games with. Another boy, who is friends with some of my son's friends, but not my son, keeps joining their games and then 'kicks' my son son from the game! I have already put an avoid and mute on this other player but he can still do the kicking! How do I get around this...how can I block this child from doing this? It's really upsetting my son and that's not my idea of 'fun' gaming


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No problem. Glad I could assist. XD

Thanks for the info...it's been very helpful :)

There is no way for this guy to keep kicking your son unless he is the leader of the session. Or if the multiplayer is like Minecraft where you can select people to be moderators on your map and they have the ability to kick people. As far as I know there is no way to stop the other player from doing this. Just double check your parental settings. Have your son be the leader of whatever they are doing and set the games to invite only so the other kid can't join unless he is sent an invite to the party or game.