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So I don't have an Xbox one yet and I'm considering buying the Black Ops 3 bundle for the 360. Only downside is that the 360 will only play multiplayer and zombies.It does come with a digital download of the game. My real question is, would the digital download be transferrable to the Xbox One? If so, would I get the campaign? Or would I have to buy the game again?


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its will not transfer from the 360 to the one...plus its two completely different games.

I doubt the 360 versions of either play on the One since Activision at the moment hasn't allowed MS any licenses to use them.

I don't know for sure. However, you should consider the Xbox 360 version and the Xbox One version to be two separate games. The only justification for the price tag and the lack of a singleplayer campaign is that you get Black Ops 1 as a sweetener to the deal, in a sense. Otherwise, I'm pretty sure most people would just buy the Xbox 360 version, get Black Ops 1, and then play Black Ops 3 on their Xbox One.