360 gamer mag BF3 article

Nice article relating to BF3 in this http://www.360-gamer.com/ magazine , documenting a console demo game they played aginst Dice staff operation metro . It doesn however say what console they were playing on they only make mention of "picking up their controllers"

 Anyway to cut a long story short they were blown away by the gameplay stating that it "drops multiple WMD's on MW3" They also comment on the differance between console and PC graphics saying that both are "jaw dropping" its just your "jaw drops a little further" looking at the PC version. "If you have never seen the pc version you would have no reason to beleive the console version is anything but jaw dropping" thats good news imo :)

 They also talk about the milatary advisor they had onboard with this game , Andy McNab and no matter what you may think about him they dont come much better , he has brought alot of technical advice into the game which i think will make it even better

 Anyhoo its quite a good magazine and half the price of all the others :)


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I know,its all the hype!I mean i would normally be excited about this game,but not like this!

Well,That's good news.What i expected really,I get this mag on occasion too.Not bad.

Im not really a fan of paying for gaming mags but it was a 6 page article , far too long to read in the shop! and i had to get the daughter to ballet ;) so i shelled out £2.99 just for the info.............im far too excited about this game , i should know better at my age..