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I recently got a 360 Slim, and its FREAKING AWESOME!!! But tonight I was playing GTA IV online, and I was sitting in a game lobby, than I received a party, and game invite from my new friend. I decided to join his game, and party. As soon as I did, he said, "Hello Vampy Toad" than my console froze. I was just wondering if something like this is common with the 360 console. Mine is only five days old, and I would hate to have this be the start of something bad. Should I return it? Thanks in advance for your answers, I appreciate it. Happy gaming. 


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Just a coincidence.

Thank you for your answer. If anyone else has anything to add, please feel free. The more opinions I can get on this matter, the better. Thanks again. :P

Some games run very well and others dont.  Even on the new slim 360s.  You want to see your brand new 360 freeze all the time, go play TDU2.   Everyone I know with a new or old 360 have freezing issues with that game.    Some games run very well and others dont.   Oh and freezing in the party chat does happen from time to time. 

Camaroboy is correct, however, its not a coincidence. Some games do freeze regardless of the condition system. Hoåe you don't have any more problems. Happy gaming.

Well not sure... Hoping it was just a little blip in the system. I spent most of the time playing Oblivion today, without any freezing issues. I can't really remember if I played GTA IV online since the freeze, but I think I have, and so far so good. Thanks again everyone for your comments, I appreciate them.

It is just a blip in the system hence a coincidence.

My 360 froze again. This time while playing MW2 single player. Second time in three or four weeks. Is this normal? Seriously does the 360 freeze this often?

I played for about five hours straight, the temperature was fairly hot in my bedroom, but the system did not overheat. I have played my PS3 for more than seven hours straight in hotter temperatures, without a single problem.

I have a 360 Slim if it matters. Someone please let me know what the problem is. Thank you.

My slim has never froze. It could just be your console.

I don't know, I think you are just very luck that your console has never frozen, as I know that most consoles freeze at least one time. I was just simply wondering if it were normal for the 360 to have froze twice in about a month, on two separate games.

I know the console is processing a lot at any given time, not to mention the game itself, and the features that aren't directly being seen. Such as live, friends, messages, avatar, things of that nature.

So it could have just been a little blip, and not related to any problems with my console. Though as I have said, the temperature in my room was fairly hot. Could have related in my console freezing. But I have ran MANY other things in the same temperature without a single problem. After it froze, I felt the 360, and it did not feel warmer than normal. I just know it froze in single player, when I paused the game.

Not sure what had happened, but I would like to see others opinions on the matter. Feel free to comment please.

I also have very few hours on the console since I purchased it. A few freezes here and there isn't anything to worry about but if its constantly freezing something is wrong.

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