35, looking for other laid back adults for co-op

I have limited gaming time, so I am just looking for some people for co-op since there is no co-op matchmaking in this game. I have a few friends getting this as well, but just trying to flesh out my friends list. I have a family and career as well, so I'm not hard core...really just out for fun and to play with some cool people online.

Please have a mic, a good attitude, and be a grown up! lol

If interested please send a FR and just put ghost recon or something in message so i know who you are. Thanks!


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Has a mic....great attitude and almost 47 here. They say I'm grown up but at times I beg to differ. I'm also looking and plan on having an Idiot Gamer group running wild for Co-Op and Private matches.

I'm in the same boat as you guys.... 42, with a family, full time job. Game in my free time to have fun and relax, not hardcore. Team player, use a mic, not lone wolf mentality. Looking for like-minded gamers to squad up with and have fun.

I'll send you two a FR.

Guys send me a FR if youre interested as well. I also game with a good group of adults from battlebud.com if you want to check it out. We have a solid group who will be picking this up and play multiple titles too.

hi im 27 have a family and usually get to game 10-12 in the eveningsun- thurs, not on much fridays or saturdays.

love co op have a great mature attitude, team player have a mic altho i do like to have a laugh. laid back gamer!

add me

I am 35 work full time, have a family and go to college.  When I do have time to play I usually get online at odd times like on a Saturday or sunday morning.  Every once in a while I get online on a Friday night.  So add me if you like.  But I have one question is the online multiplayer tied into the co op mode?  What I mean is do you unlock stuff in co op that you can use in online battle?

34 full time worker with fam. i got a mic

hit me up for some co op online fun. alot of the ppl on my friend list slept on the graw series so i need a few friends to hang with on this game.

37 here, add me if you like

Feel free to add me.  Full time worker, mid 30's, and most of my friends play MW3.  Looking for people to play this game with either co-op missions when it comes out or online.  gonna try it out when i get home tonight at some point....

Anyone feel free to send me a FR, 46 here and can not wait for this to be released. Playing Gears 3 and Battlefield 3 when I get a chance.

A 52 year old kid here trying to fill 2 full-time career positions in abnormally long workdays.  Can only game on weekends.  I have quite a few friends still playing GRAW2 and we're all picking up GRFS.  Bummer there's only 4 player COOP.  Going to have a problem when more than 4 are online so I'm not really looking for more people to play.  But felt like I was among kindred spirits and wanted to say hey to all of the "not hardcore" aka "have a life" kind of players.

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