32 players in BTS, check this out

riddle me this ....riddle me that ... how do you get 32 players into combat?   /app.halowaypoint.com/en-us/Halo4/maniacmaXXine/wargames/match-188981fb94e4dcd8


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I remember once when I was playing Territories on Reach at 2 in the morning when everyone on the opposing team was using their Holograms at the same time. My jaw dropped when I saw 16 red Spartans come rushing at me over the hill in Coagulation.

Luckily for me the were not as good at aiming as they were at coordinating.

no not all at once ...all tho that would have been funny sight to see .... its just a recent DNF in my game history that when i opened it, thats what i found ...16 blue spartans w/DNFs and 16 red spartans with DNFs

I'm pretty sure there was never 32 people in the game at once, some just dropped out and got replaced while still remaining to be shown on the post-game scoreboard/waypoint.

WOW now thats not a bad trick  ..... I LIKE IT .... altho i would not want to be on the receiving end if they were good shots ...