30xp Event?

Anyone know when it's rolling out for us?


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cool just 3 more days, i already got my wings but doing it again is fun, also make you play more.

add me anyone who wanna play horde

do Custom games count towards experience?  I know they count for Horde seriously 2.0 achievement but I want xp in King Of The Hill?   Custom games?


You can't get xp in custom games.

Well I just hit rank 40 by playing mostly Local horde and Custom horde with friends. So the answer is yes you can.

They count only for Horde, but for other game modes, no.  I was wondfering if they do count for other game modes.

As long as it's a ranked/public match or any horde you should get xp.

Custom games, no xp. Social games (which is still not rank), yes xp. And of course rank has xp. Just do Social games, lotsa ppl still playing, on the more common game modes.

Hey man, You were the last person i expected to find on Forums