30k stuck in Noble tempest mission?!?!

I have tried this mission 3 times and each time 30k gets stuck crawling into the exact same area!  You end up at a door needing all 4 ghosts to meet up and go through together and 30k was absent.  went back and looked for him only to find him trying to crawl through a wall.........its right after he crawls under an opening!  Anybody else experiencing this? 


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Yes. To get past it, jump over the wall and run straight to the meet up point. The three will meet you in 5 seconds at the door.

cool ill try that.....thanks!

had this happen to me to.

Same here and a few others have had it happen as well. Just do what IFx Bandit suggested and the team will meet you at the door without a problem.


I still hope it gets patched along with a few of the other minor glitches you run into during the campaign.

Just a heads up, it will happen again in another mission. Just do the same thing I menioned above.

did what you suggested. didnt help...

@Chris, what I did for this is the room before they go prone, walk in just a few feet to allow them to follow then back out and they will go on, then follow them.  Try this and see if it helps?

I tried the running to the door option and did not work. I did however opt to walk along with 30k, hold his hand, talk about the wife and kids to ease the stress and all went well.