30 Year old Classic comes to Arcade... with a twist


For all the Kinect haters.


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I always enjoyed watching people play this in the arcade, but being 6 years old, I was no good and never made it past the first few screens. It was the only 50 cent per credit game in the arcade (at the time) too... so I stuck to Q*Bert and Tron.

I was about the same age and back then it was the most expensive arcade game around to play in NZ. Most were 20 cents or 40 cents, I think this one was the only one that was a dollar a credit.

I almost dropped $10 for this when it came out on the PS3 just for nostagia alone. Then I found it for my ipod for 99 cents...

I'm curious about a kinect version; people who had memorized all the sequences still got tripped up on responsive joysticks and the arcade cabinet. How can kinect handle a game that demanded such wild twitch reflexes?

Don't care for this game haha. I had it on nes back then and I never got far. But then again i was very young maybe I would join a bit more. But after watching the trailers i'm still not getting warm from it. So i'll leave this one out of my collection.

It's a shame that it's for Kinect only.

Seems a controller is also an option.


yeah it kind of says that in... the first 30 seconds

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It's a shame that it's for Kinect only.


It's a shame when people don't watch the linked video.