3 vs 3 problems anyone else ??

Me and three friends were trying to play and it said that only 2 of us could and no we were not in a party some help here anybody ??

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They are aware of it and are fixing it according to twitter. I'll see if I can find their post.

This is from Infinity Ward on twitter:

We are aware of the 3v3 party limit (of 2), and we are addressing it very soon. We apologize for the inconvenience

Has anything ever been rolled out in this game with a *** up? I don't think it has. Same goes with Elite, it's always something they're apolgizing for.

At least they're willing to fix their problems. There are developers out there that won't lift a finger to do anything after the game's been released because they've already made their money...

Thank man let me know ASAP when it's fixed thanks again

Its like they werent expecting the boosters........./facepalm.

3v3 should be fixed me and 2 other buddies played the other day

Been playing it today, its up an running :)

I got to use my Xbox 360 briefly today & I tried the new maps, particularly 3v3. Absolutely loved it. The opposing team asked us not to camp, so we didn't. Then they did. And then we still beat them. :D

As far as the Face-Off maps are concerned, I don't have a problem with them. Sure there were a couple of times where I spawn-killed someone, but it wasn't as severe as some people make it out to be (& this was 3v3). I do have to say though that out of those 4 maps, I don't like Aground; it's too wide open for sniping & enemies blend in easily with the terrain. All the others are great.

Also, Oasis is a beautiful map. However, if the 1 game I played on it is any indication, I need a lot more practice with it. I had a hard time calling out enemy locations because I couldn't think of names for many of the areas on the map. The few I came up with was the tower, the roundabout, & the lion fountain. Sadly, it was not enough to secure a victory...