3 quick questions for veteran players....

So I have just started playing the game and I have a few questions.

1.  I was playing Road to Wrestlemania and it started me out on the villian story.  How does it decide what story you get (hero and villian) or who you srestle with?

2.  I am early in the villian story and I am Alberto Del Rio in a 3 or 4  tag man match.  It tells me to beat the Big show, but how.. I beat on him forever and he keeps getting up.

3.  It says I can unlock people in WWE universe mode... jsut by winning matches... is that the best way?  or can I buy fan axxess to get that stuff?


Thanks for any help!


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number one rtwm you play on to unlock the next and so on

number two beat him stupid after that you will see the Y appear above his head hurry up and press why when it glows

number 3 fan axxess is for online play capabilities, the wwe12 season pass gives you everything at once

I understand beat him.. .but do I beat him with Alberto Del Rio, because I had been using Shamus, but he was tagged out.  I beat on th ebig show for like 10 minutes and he keeps getting up? Its like he is invincible, and I was wondering if I had to pin him or beat him with Shamus instead of Del Rio.

o nah it plays out like a cinematic show so you wont be able to pin him you just have to hit the Y

I beat on that dude forever... so i am guessing it will not let me tag....

that guy can take a beating.

Fan Axxess is what you buy to unlock everything at one time...    Online Axxess is a code that is included with your game for the online capabilites as long as you purchased a new copy....

It's very vague about the times when certain features are disabled (tags, pinfall, chain grapples). I found for the most part that it was trrial and error. All of the backstage brawls require the beat down and press y. Certain tag matches won't allow the tag out, and many times I found my moveset decreased. I can't say I'm a big fan of RTWM this year. Also, if you haven't already, go ahead and put it on easy, take away all damage for reversals, and even tweak the reversal frequency to its lowest level in all categories. That will make the computer easier to beat and get you through RTWM. Storyline wise: villian story was pretty good, outsider story was tedious and so, so boring and this is coming from a huge Triple H fan, but on the other hand the hero story is excellent.

Quick comment about hero story. You do use created players for this story but don't use a guy that you spent a lot of time creating because much of his data will be changed and you can not undo the changes without deleting your RTWM save data.

Too Many 2 And 3 On 1 Backstage Fights

Yeah but there easy cause all you gotta do is hit a couple of moves then you get to hit Y for that automated scene lol