3 questions about online play!

3 questions about online play:

1. Where do I find ATMs? Are they labled on maps?

2. How do I mute people when they talking? (I played earlier and a 8 year old kid was on screaming wanted to mute him.lol

3. How can you transfer money from 1 person to another? And once you do does it go directly into the bank?



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1. ATMs are located all over Los Santos, if you hold the back/select button you can set a quick GPS to the nearest one - You can also take out your phone, go into the internet -> Finances tab -> Maze Bank website, and deposit it that way.

2. I'm not exactly sure how to mute players via the player list, but if you know who is talking you can mute the specific player via the Guide Button and a quick navigation through your recent players list.

3. If you hold back like stated in 1, it will open a multiplayer menu. If you select inventory you can select "Cash". For me, I currently cannot give cash for whatever reason - But I can however give a cut from my last job (Robbing Liquorstores) from that menu.

2. You can mute players by hitting start - Going to Players and finding the person talking and muting them that way.

Yeah OP you absolutely must use your phone to deposit and withdraw money. Those ATM's are far and few between and if your in a public room you may be targeted if someone see's you walking up to an ATM because the GTA community are mostly A holes. Personally I dont play their game I just play private with my crew. No point to play GTA World War 3.

I tried sharing from my last heists and my buddy was saying he didn't get it.  I don't know if he just didn't see it, or if there is a delay before the transfer, but i went to "cash", "share from last job" and selected 50% by his name and hit A, then nothing happens.  It is grayed out like it is set, but will still let me change the percentage.  I couldn't find any 'submit' or finalize button or anything.


I tried giving him $500 just from giving him cash, not from previous jobs and he said that worked but didn't see anything xfer when we tried to split the money from the last job.


and i really wish there was a faster way to mute people, and i wish it showed who was talking WHILE they are talking.  I had 2 guys i was racing/doing mission with that were randoms, so i didn't know who was who by their voice.  I couldn't tell who was talking to me.  And in free mode we had a couple kids screaming and being loud randomly, but couldnt see who it was and it took too long to get to the mute screen.  they'd quit making noise and there was no way to see who it was so i could mute them.