3 controls in 2 days

This games cost me 200 quid in points and controls... I will never play it again its bull my level 87 team against a level 77 n I get smashed because of thick as sht ai that dont do nothing and when you try changing player ot dont change to the one you want It to f this game and f ea you robbin fs its your fault why everyones beginning all this micro transaction bull. F ur sports games and f battlefield to rant ova


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OK.  Maybe you just need to practice more?  Perhaps the level 77 team was just a better player than you?  If a recreational activity such as video games are turning you into a violent person who purposefully breaks your own controllers, than I would suggest you take a break from the game.

There are 4 periods in that wall of text. And three are right next to each other haha. I had to read it a few times to even understand.

I would try turning auto switch off , and turn off switch on air balls as well, you have way more control over who you will switch too, then use the right stick instead of the bumper to switch. It's easier, I promise

it´s called momentum. It´s in the game. EA bans you if you talk about. ES is the worst company ever ! FIFA is a game for noobs. There is NO competition. If you win you don´t know if it is because you are better.

FIFA is *** - the series is dead !