2nd Scarecrow boss fight stuck on ledge

someone else had to have run into this problem as I did. during the 2nd encounter with the scarecrow and his maze, there is a part where you jump on a ledge (show at 5:30 in the youtube video with this title "Batman Arkham Asylum: scarecrow dream 2(wayne manor+parents death)") 

now I was stuck at this part because you are supposed to be able to drop down from the ledge on the other side by pressing A, but for some reason you have to press B

This took me about an hour of searching on the internet and messing around with the game to find out, so I figured it would come up with someone else

Hope it helps!


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I've always wondered if that was put there on purpose to add to the "disoriented" state of mind you're in.  It's alot like the 3rd Scarecrow level when the screen goes all weird and the game "restarts" or when you're instructed to press "A" to dodge The Joker's bullet...:-)

haha dont spoil the game for me! im not that far. but yeah it was weird that they did that if they did it on purpose. I was seeing people online saying that they did that in copies of the game that were pirated, but I'm playing off an official disc so that obviously wasn't true.

Sorry to play the Spoiler, the "pirate glitch" you speak of, I believe, was something else, it had something to do with your ability to glide.  It was quite clever on the developer's part, the player would be able to play the game for the first while and just when it starts to get really good, they weren't able to go any farther.  The best part was, one of these players actually tried to ask for help on the official site and one of the developers answered his post, he told him that the game wasn't even available on PC yet and that the problem wasn't with the game but with his morals, BUSTED...:-)