2nd Riddler hostage location

According to the map, the hostage should be right where I'm standing. I'm on the street directly south of the church/med center and there is a building near the wall of the Restricted Area with a green ? painted on the wall. The hostage, again according to the locator on the map, should be directly in front of the ? painted on the wall. 


I've beaten up the crew on the street and interrogated the Riddler's henchman, and now there's nothing here ... at all. Did my game glitch, or am I missing something obvious?


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I'm at the same crossroads, so it's not a glitch.  If I figure out a solution, I will let you know.  

Go next to the green ? and press a and batman should do the rest..now that the wall is broken walk though the  broken wall and open the door and riddler should tell you what to do from their. But if you are still lost use yr detective mode and wait for the three bells to stop moving and pick the first one from yr left.

yeah...what he said.

if you guess wrong do you get to retry or do you lose the hostage?

*Face Palm* ... Knew it was going to be something obvious. I walked nearly everywhere trying to find something, yet never walked up to that wall 'cause it looked normal in Detective Mode. Thanks

You lose the hostage but you get another retry.

facepalm!!!  i was trying the bells without using detective mode,i wonder how many poeple did that?

I was trying to follow the middle one and my eyes where going back and fourth like a crazy person. But the Riddler cheated first....hahaha. I had to use detective mode after two tries.