2nd player on split screen issue

If I create a world and have my daughter join me. Then her right stick will not work so she can move but not look around.  All other buttons worked.  Tried multiple controllers, multiple worlds, reboots. 

Oddly - if my daughter starts a new world under her login, then we can both play it just fine.

Any ideas?



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my son is having the same problem, he can only move forward and not able to look around, how did you fix it???

This is a known bug and is fixed in the upcoming patch.

In the mean time, to fix this:

Go to settings menu and check the sensitivity settings.  I bet they are all ZERO.  If so, move the sliders back to 100%

Also check the options like tooltips and such, they are likely all reset to unchecked.  

My son has had the unable to move other than backward/forward, can't look around and it started playing 2p split screen with me.  He's currently changing all those 0 settings to 100 and hoping it works.  (not sure how they got changed....)  He can't even play alone on his profile. We also had one other oddness with him where there were 2 of him walking around the world. (2 master chiefs wandering the desert following each other is pretty amusing.)   FYI music and sound were also both somehow 0. (He just finished and is grinning as he runs around with his new found ability to turn.)  THANK YOU

Fluffyman456.....go explore and be merry.

I've not had an issues with minecraft other than since the update playing online seems extra laggy...

Wow, that looks like a nasty bug.

I dunno if im lucky or what, but most bugs i've read about dont happen to me..

when i use split screen and the 2nd controller exits then joins again it has nothing.

Fixed it. We went back to my daughter's game and had the same problem - so we reset everything to default and she was able to use her left stick again.   Go figure.  Sorry for the unecessary post!