2nd bell tower?

please point me in the right direction.  Beat the gargoyls and the Capachino deamon (sp?), expected to find the 2nd bell tower after the deamon.  spoiler free as possible please, just area name and maybe the boss guarding the bells.  thanks. 


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Go to the bridge where you first talked to  Knight Solarie. There will be a door that you will unlock with the basement key!

I thought i searched all through the under dead berg but didn't find anything but he Cap deamon.  but to be honest i missed the steps on the left had side of the church where the gargoyls are and was searching for a few days till i stumbled upon it.  will try again tonight thanks.  

Through the Capra Demon lies your path - you needent search further.

Once thy demon has been vanquished taketh thy key and it shall show you the way unto The Depths.

You've got a long, hard way to go from the Capra Demon to the second bell, that's all I will say. :)

Hey I already killed the demon but idk where 2 go after that o.o

If you've killed the Capra Demon, then you need to take the key you gained and open the door in Lower Undead Burg that leads down into the Depths.

The way I ended up going was through Darkroot, from Undead Parish...

Kill the capra demon, exit the door and go left, down the stairs, then follow the right side of the wall until you see a door.

Open that with the key you got from Capra and proceed forward.

Good luck with the butchers!