2K Games needs to add Kanes Double Chokeslam as a Double Finisher in the move list.

2K Games really needs to add a Double Finisher move like the Double Chokeslam but not as an OMG moment but be able to do it at will like a normal Finisher.



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i reckon it could only be done like an omg ....  Like Rybacks shellshock ... suprised they didn't even have A double attitude adjustment  woulda thought that would be the first thing they would of added in

The double Attitude Adjustment is in, just like Rybacks double shellshock, you throw two guys in the corner and its a OMG moment and Cena will double AA them.... just like Kane does a double chokeslam out of the corner but its the same OMG moment...      doing the double chokeslam as a corner OMG moment though is easier then you trying to stun two people and hitting a finisher on them, so thats one reason they did it as a corner move.

no it should be an omg moment because that's something out of rarity that happens, kane doesn't do that all the time so having to store up 3 finishers seems like the right thing to do

Exactly... its not like he hit the double chokeslam as a regular move on a regular basis anyway.. it was normally for big pop's and moments during certain feuds and matches..

Like Royal Rumble 2010 for example but I would love to store up 3 finishers in order to do it like giving the Double Chokeslam to HBK & Triple H.

It's in there chokeslam

Once WWE Focus 100% As The Did In The PS2 Days Those Moves Shall Return But Until Then...