2K Games - Leave My Player alone!

So you've all been through it.

Your team is winning, you have 30 points, 8 rebounds, 7 assists, 3 blocks, all in the first half. Thinking to yourself I am going to set some records this time, or get my season averages up, and then:

Your coach sits you down all 3rd quarter and you get the deficit dynamic goal to come back in the 4th quarter down by 12-15 points

Not only is this stupid challenge hard enough, but the AI ramps up the opposing team's scoring percentage, and turns your teammates intro drooling idiots who can't dribble the ball or make good decisions, and they will stand at the 3 point line when you give them a wide open look and not take the shot.


Your team is down by 3 points, and you should be focusing on making the right plays to win the game, and then:

Show me your a star, take over and score the next ten points for your team!

So now you have to be a giant ball hog, demanding the ball every possession, and forcing shots. (This challenge usually ends with you missing your shot for the 10th point and a teammate of yours makes a sensational offensive rebound and put back to bone you)


The Dynamic goals are fine, but they should be things that just occur naturally within the confines of a regular normal game.

Triple Double? Bonus VC

15 Assists? Bonus VC

Shoot 75% from the field? Bonus VC

How about this? Hold a Star Player to under 10 pts? Bonus VC (I held Lebron to 7 in one game)

Anyway you get it. The Dynamic Goals are so annoying, and usually just distract you from playing the game of basketball as it should be played. Once a Dynamic Goal is activated it will usually literally change how the game is played, where all of a sudden your feet are stuck in mud when you are trying to accomplish a defensive Dynamic Goal, or the Defenders on the opposing team rotate to your player at an impossible speed if it is an Offensive Dynamic Goal.

2K JUST LEAVE MY PLAYER ALONE. His Career is going just fine without your help.


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OMG - PERFECT EXAMPLE. I was just competing in the Stars/Elites Rookie showcase, and I got a reach in foul with 4 minutes left in the game with my team down by 3 pts and they did the Dynamic Argue with the ref and threw me out of the game!!!

How is that fun for me? How is that fair to me? I was competing with Jackson Ellis for the Champs Sponsorship, where you have to out perform him to get it. I had 37 points when they tossed me(Jackson Ellis has never beaten me at anything) but 2K Games doesn't know that. What if I was behind him by like 2 points and that happened?

2K needs to realize that we are the Players. This game is for us to Play. For us to Win or Lose. I just eject the disc every time this stuff happens to me and replay the game, because I refuse to accept an outcome that wasn't in my control.

^^^ nail on the head... When I want to play an RPG I'll grab Mass Effect, when I want to play a sports game, well I guess I'll grab Mass Effect??? What the hell is 2K doing, I so wish they would just develop the game and cut the over presentation that is drilling this franchise into the ground for me. What you say is so true especially if you're on a bad team (I have a player on the 76ers) good night everytime I come in the game we're down 20 and cut it 5 is the goal. Dude how about we start with cutting it to 15 or 10 first. Baby steps for crying out loud. Pre-draft interviews "we're rebuilding and are you ok with being on a struggling team while we put some other pieces around you?" Then oh we expect you to perform acts of legends as a 62 over player, best of luck, oh and carry my damn bags for me...

I thought adding the role playing elements was a nice touch.

I kinda like the rpg elements but I wish it wasn't quite as scripted. More choices would be better. Also I just ignore the dynamic goals.

Yeah it repeats itself sometimes but I just feel like it enhances the experience of having an imaginary NBA career.  And I always go for dynamic goals as they are usually in line with what's going on.  It's only early in the season when you might see preposterous goals.  Plus they give you virtual currency, and it's a great way to earn some more.

I enjoy the RPG elements as I'm an RPG fan, but some of the restricted scripted parts are annoying.

Yeah, I really hope EA steps up and makes NBA Live competitive because Take Two knows how to both build a good basketball simulation and how to ruin it!  

I'm waiting at least two months after release before I even consider another NBA 2K game because it should be a good judge of their willingness to fix their issues.

This game is all I play lately...so addictive.  But then again I never really got into past incarnations.  It's nice to be able to recognize player's faces on the Xbox One that's for sure.

Wating a month or so is a good idea these days as the last few years with NBA 2K's have had disappointing starts until problems are fixed which takes months and at times can ruin a great experience.

I highly doubt EA will step up as their versions of NBA have been rubbish since 2000.