250GB Hard-Drive

I have the regular white XBOX 360 (not slim version) and am looking to upgrade my hard-drive to 250GB.  I've seen a few conflicting comments around so I would like some advice.

If I install a new 250GB hard-drive, am I able to purchase and download games directly from Microsoft via internet and play the game without having the disk?  Basically, would I have any problems just downloading games from Microsoft to my hard-drive instead of going to the store to buy the game with disk?



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Yes. You can buy games through On Demand on Xbox Live however the prices are usually more expensive than the retail stores. They also do not include online passes if the title requires it.

You can do that, if they offer it on the Games on Demand that is. Though unless its a huge title don't expect it to be put up on GoD anytime soon after it releases.

What Murderstyle75 and xEnvoy of Chaos said are correct...

How come Online passes aren't Included?

[quote user="Assassinator010"]

How come Online passes aren't Included?

[/quote]WOW! They don't?... ... That sucks.