......So who's down?

  Anyone can play, we don't have to be on same system (360 or One), just post in this thread. First one to fall asleep loses. Not sure if there should be any other rules, but I'll agree to anything reasonable.

I would like to start around 6 or 7 pm EST, so let me know who wants to play soon. I'm also going to try posting this on one or two other forums to see if we can get more players.


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I started @ 10pm, lets see if I can do it!!!!!!!!!!

Did you live to tell the tale?

Red Bull and Doritos FTW!

My wife would spank me if I stayed up all night on a Friday night. Wait, hows that a bad thing?

Anyway, seriously. I'll be on tonight running around with the .44 mag in hand after 10 or 11 eastern for those who are on my FL and want to play some Domination. Or, if Apoc, Lax and the rest of the crew are on we'll be playing Conquest hardcore.

Add me Amazesin z I'll be on at 7pm et

Add me xx iLLtalent xx I am on now looking for ppl with mics aggggggghhhhhh every xbo comes with 2 seriously lol. Hmu 18+ no squeakers

The most I've even been able to play is three hours straight.

I'm Doing it again!!!!!!!!!!