2/200 domination

No video or self promotion here.  I just had to meantion this.


     I joined an hc dom match on studio with about a minute left. I got killed, killed a guy, capped a flag and got killed again ..... game over.  The score was 2/200.

    Kills and deaths on my team looked fairly normal. No extreme high or low k/ds and looked as if everyone was there the whole  game but me .... except my team had absolutely no caps except for the one I got for a whole 2 point duration.


    I just dont get it sometimes.


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Yeah, this crowd doesnt play the objective too much.

I thought core mode was bad, but I was playing some hc to get my bloodthirsties for my fal. I'm amazed how many times eeveryone else on the team runs right past our home flag.

At least in core most players get at least one at initial round spawn.

The next match I played was mostly the same crowd and we won with maybe 3 or 4 captures for the whole team.

Everyone avoids objectives like the plauge in core, but HC its even worse because of the low health and people can kill you easier by spamming explosives.

I haven't played hardcore Domination and I don't think I'll like it. The only objective mode I can see myself enjoying in hardcore is Search.

    I used to play a lot of hc, but never dom. I always go with core for that just because it is so hard to cap.  I just played it becasue of easy bloodthirsties, especially since I havent been able to get into a match in core other than the dlc playlist., and the connection in the dlc list has been horrible.


   Some of the matches were a nice change of pace though, and one I just played on slums was one of the most enjoyable mathces I played in any mode for a while. Everyone was hitting it pretty hard, but just less mindless spraying. One dude on our team got a vtol .... thats interesting in hc. everyone tried like heck to cap b while he had it but he just couldnt clear it of the enemy without risking killing all of us capping. He was still there at the end of the match and killed me once without getting kicked, so he must have done pretty well as far as the tks with it.


   Seemed like friendlier bunch than I've seen i n a while too.

[quote user="UneasyJmitchell"]

Yeah, this crowd doesnt play the objective too much.


Some of us do :-(

But seriously, a lot of guys play the objective modes to camp a flag and get kills so they have zero interest in capturing the Objectives. What they don't realise is the points available for capping objectives, and even more so for killing guys as you do it.  I agree there are some maps where the 'B' flag is tough to get (Slums is one that has already been mentioned) but that doesn't make it impossible - and there are even bigger points for 'B' captures if you do it first each round!

I pretty much only play HC Dom anymore, and while I do agree that there is a lot of people who TDM in HC Dom, I really don't see much difference in playstyles between core & HC. I always go straight for B right at the start, and usually I'm not alone. Sure, it's easier to get killed off B (or anywhere for that matter) in HC, but it is also easier for you to knock people off B also. I always play the OBJ, I don't care about K/D, I'm just looking for the win for my team, and unfortunately getting killed off the flag is gonna happen, but it's the only way for the win.

   I'd forgotten one of the reasons I always liked hc was because connections seem so much better.

   I dont know if its because its just slightly slower paced. or if it takes less time processing the fewer bullets or what. I just get way fewer bs deaths and the kills I actually feel like I earn

Try Battlefield.

^^Its the SAME EXACT crowd playing BOTH. (99% anyways)  @ the others--I know some people play the objectives hard, I was just stating this CoD crowd in general is terribad for that type stuff.

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