2011 or 2010?

I'm sure this has been asked in the past, but I'm asking again (if this was the old forum, I'd search & reply, but it's not, so...).


Anyway, I'm new to soccer games, but I've wanted one for awhile. I've downloaded & played both demos for 10 & 11 and they seem similar enough -- 11 seems to have better graphics, but 10 seems harder (which is a good thing). 11 costs twice as much as 10 (understandably), so I'm wondering if it's worth the money or should I just buy 10?


Thanks in advance for the help!


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Well it seems you have decided on FIFA 10, which is my favorite.

FIFA 11 just doesn't have the charm of FIFA 10, which I played the demo for like a year before getting the game.

I agree with Speckled... I'd recommend FIFA 10. I have had both, sold 10 to get 11 when it came out. Soon after I ended up selling 11 and picking up 10 again. Can't quite put into words exactly why, but there is something about 10 that I just find more enjoyable.  I also still play World Cup 2010, so if you are interested in international footie over club teams that's a good way to go.