$20+ for all dlcs? better be worth the money

Wow, I can't believe I'm screwed again by this dlcs thing. They are releasing multiple bundle packs with nightwing, robin and all batman skins and the pricing for each seem reasonable. But if you are buying all the dlcs then the price is insane. And I'm not even counting the future dlcs (I saw riddlers revenge in the game wtf is that?). First is the fallout series (cost me $100 for each game cos of the dlcs) then now this. Another reason why we shouldn't buy skyrim on launch. Either they cut the price down or release a "ultimate pack" dlcs which includes all those at a reasonable price. Don't get me wrong AC is a great game but it kinda kills the experience because of this issue especially if you are a "complete edition" guy.

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i love this game too but i will not buy dlc either,its just gone to far now.

anything being released within the first couple of months after the game is released has simply been removed to gain more money by the developer.

you are going to get people saying "if you don`t like it don`t buy it"but these are the ones that are buying it and as they continue to do so things will only get worse.

they will realise one day just how much they are being ripped off.

Well I see they did that with Fable 2 with the DLCs but hell dude why are you complaining if you buy them then apparently you want them. i did. i figured it had better be worth it. it will be for the skins and if you wanna kick some butt as knightwing or robin BOOM there ya go. now they need a BGirl set for the challenge maps LoL....heck or even BGirl for the Catwoman sets would be sweet LoL.,..But hey oh well it only cost 18 bucks PLUS tax so yer loss if you paid more then that LoL....

see this is one of those people.

Why do they make all the ''passes'' so expensive? I can't find one with a reasonable price on eBaY.

Original Poster: The fact that you have a beef with Fallout dlc almost invalidates your opinion, as Bethesda's Fallout and Fallout: NV dlc represents some of the top-tier post release content in modern gaming. Fallout dlc prolonged the play experience of both games by about a year, kept the resale value of the game through the roof, and added tons of new content, weapons, perks, etc. This is industry-accepted thought, and transcends my opinion.

Also, as to your sentiment that the release of Arkham City's dlc  kinda kills the experience of the game, you are either being overly-dramatic, or you are ignoring so many positive aspects of a great game. You should chose to focus on the fact that Batman: AC's dlc is of poor content, rather than the fact that there is some, or that it is being released frequently.

Come to terms with your completionist nature and dlc is an easy matter: buy that which is good; Ignore the rest.  

According to what I've read, the Robin pack and Nightwing pack will be 560 msp each ($7), and the skins pack will be 400 msp ($5), making the grand total 1520 msp ($19).... not quite over $20..... although what I read was not official...... I'll go find it again if I can and post a link.........


Sorry about the double post, but it won't let me edit my old post. Odd....

You can do four things:

1) Don't buy any DLC

2) Buy some

3) Wait for GotY which will have it all

4) Buy it all now

All the dlc for AC that has been announced is garbage.  Skins are ok at first but flooding the marketplace with cheap skins and challenge maps that are no more than single rooms pulled from the actual game filled with enemies to beat up is cheap and insulting. Add more story side quests or an alternate story like red dead redemption. Undead nightmare was some of the best dlc ever and like a previous poster said, Bethesda is the king of dlc, rocksteady should be taking notes

I agree the DLC is garbage so far. I've never made an easier decision to avoid DLC from a game I really like. Probably helps that I think Robin is a tool.

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