2.0 download question! PLEASE HELP!

Ok dumb question I know... Everyone says going to the dashboard will make the download go faster. If I push "xbox home" will that keep my download going? I'm just afraid to mess up the download... But want it to go faster lol. 

Please help... I know it's a dumb question! Lol 


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An XBox one thing.

What's the game hub??

Try the game hub to order.

Finally got it downloaded after 4.5 hours... Now I can't find where to pre-order the new dlc. It won't pop up when I search. Only the editions with the game will... Ugh!

I just let mine download while I slept.

I don't think it matters.  Microsoft obviously didn't design the xbox 360 or xbox one with download speed in mind.  Been downloading for a hour an a half and only 66% complete...Been asking for an update to boost download speed since last September, when Destiny was first released, but no that didn't happen.  If Microsoft reads this,  we hate waiting 3 hours to play a game.  Get  move on an update for quicker download speeds.