2 xbox on same connection matchmaking

I have 2 xbox on same connection and when we try to look for a game it just keeps on searching and searching and it takes foreever to find a match. We both have OPEN nat. When we try looking for a game by ourselves it works fine and then if one tries to join the others game it just kicks the player on that game... Any ideas as to how to fix this?

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What Router are you using?  Can you play ANY Xbox Game online?

Set up DMZ so that one of the Xbox's is outide your NAt..

I'm thinking your Router is sending packets to wrong Xbox or some crap..  Make sure ports are opened for Xbox Live.  The ports are 53, 80, 88, and 3074.

Also enable  UPnP  and MTU set to atleast  1364...

and lastly,  if you get lag... just open some torrents and Boom!  Lag compensation makes you king...